University of Tsukuba VPN Services Overview

By using the University of Tsukuba VPN Services, users can gain remote access to the University of Tsukuba campus LAN from their personal computers and smart phones at home or from their business trip destinations.

While connected to the VPN, direct communications can be made via LAN with campus IP addresses with authorized VPN connections. The service also allows you to access university websites, and communicate with hosts inside the campus using protocols intercepted by the campus firewall.


Supports many OSs with 4 types of VPN protocols

The VPN server of the University of Tsukuba VPN Services supports the following 4 types of VPN protocols.

There is no difference in the service content between each VPN protocol, so you may select the VPN protocol that suits you best.

By supporting the above protocols, connections can be made from a wide range of OS as follows.

For details, please read the following pages as well.


The Global IP of the campus LAN will be assigned during VPN connections

During VPN connections, one Global IP Address of the University of Tsukuba campus LAN beginning with "133.51." will be assigned for each VPN client device.

Since this IP Address bandwidth is connected to the internal network segment of the University of Tsukuba firewall, it is possible to access the exclusive contents of the campus LAN and access the servers etc. of research rooms with free protocols.


Cautions when using VPN

Even when using your home personal computer, you can make the same communications as if you are directly connected to the campus LAN of the University of Tsukuba. Please click on the link below and read through the list of regulations to ensure that you use the VPN without violating any of the regulations.