University of Tsukuba VPN Services Technical Specifications

VPN Protocols

  • SoftEther VPN Protocol
  • L2TP/IPsec VPN Protocol
  • OpenVPN Protocol
  • MS-SSTP Protocol

Supported OSes

  • Windows 8, 10
  • Windows RT
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android

OSs that may be connected although they are not among the supported OSes

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Other OS that can run L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN Client

The range of IP Addresses assignable to VPN Client - (Total: 241 addresses)

When the number of VPN connection clients increases resulting in a shortage of IP Addresses, the assignable range may be expanded.

Qualifications of Use

Only people who possess the University of Tsukuba Unified Authentication ID can use these services.

User Authentication Method

Authentication is conducted with the user ID and password of the Academic Computing & Communications Center, University of Tsukuba "Unified Authentication System."